The Orphanage



The orphanage is located in a rented house managed by a nanny, to liven up everyday life and to provide a favourable climate for harmonious development. She prepares meals, looks after the house, does the washing and ensure medical follow up if need be.
She offers guidance to the children of school age by helping them with their homework. The latter must also help with household chores when their school work allows. They are in private schools, a tremendous asset to insure a future in a country that is a major tourism destination.

 4 Boys



Pasang-2016Pasang, 15,arrived in 2006. Both his parents are blind and unable to work. They live in the care of an association but don’t have the means to send Pasang to school.   MingmarMingmar, 22, arrived in 2002. Her father left for India a few years ago and was never heard from again. Her mother is very poor, she works in a carpet factory and cannot deal with her daughter financially.
Bikash-MaggiBikash, 15, arrived in 2007. His father died his mother and stepfather died early 2011. His grandparents do not have the means to take him in their care.  

Drolma SaïliDrolma-Saïli, 19, arrived in 2003. Her father died and her mother abandoned her. Her uncle took care of her but is not able to cope with the additional expense.

PREMPrem, 14, arrived in 2008. His mother died and his father is very ill and has no income. The Ministry of Children and Social Welfare of Nepal asked us if we could take care of Prem.    Yanjee Yanjee, 19, arrived in 2006. She has the same history as Mingmar. Her father abandoned her and her mother, who works in a carpet factory, is too poor to provide support.
Bikash-GurungBikas Gurung, 14, arrived in 2009. The "children and social welfare of Nepal" has asked us to raise this little boy very needy. His father left and his mother is very ill, she cannot provide for the whole family.   Drolma-DekyiDrolma-Dekyi, 10, arrived in 2005 aged 2 days. On 25th December 2005 at 4:30 AM we received a phone call from Lakhputi announcing that Droma-Dekyi, born from a rape, had arrived. Her mother was forced to abandon her. For the family, only two options were possible : eliminate the child or entrust.
    SUBITA-RUPAMAYA-Drolma-SailiSubita, 9 (wearing a pink jacket) and Rupamaya, 11 (in a green jacket) are two sisters who came to us in August 2015. Their father died in 2008 and their mother disappeared in 2014.
    Keshang avec Drolma Dekyi 22.10.2010Keshang, 16 (here with Drolma Dekyi riding her back) arrived in June 2010. Her father left home and her illiteratemother lives on a very low income that does not allow her to feed and school the whole family as she has two other children to support. 
    Kemi-KCKemi KC, 22. In December 2012, the board of our foundation decided to sponsor the medical studies of this bright Nepalese young lady.
Kemi has been determined to become a medical doctor ever since her father died when she was aged 10 and there were insufficient means to afford his treatment.